When to Go | Polar Unbound

Visitors can comfortable travel throughout the Arctic from June to September, though it’s best to take what sort of adventure you’re looking for into consideration. The fall and winter months bring limited sunshine and harsh weather to the Arctic, so unless you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus “in season” at the North Pole or see the Northern Lights, June-September is your best bet. 

High summer brings in the best weather for many travelers: days are long, weather is more pleasant and ships can more easily sail further north. 

March-May: You can still potentially catch the Northern Lights in March, and plenty of snow abounds through May. 

June-September: Receding ice gives further opportunity for traveling north and wildflowers are in bloom. Polar bears, walrus and seals are out and about, and July-September is the best time to see orcas, belugas, humpbacks, and bowheads. There’s plenty of birdlife as well since migratory birds are back on the coastline forming nesting colonies filled with young fledglings. In September, there’s also some chances to see the Northern Lights. 

October: This is a good time to see the Aurora Borealis, though this is the last month for many expeditions.