When to Go | Polar Unbound

November-December: Landscape photography is at its best as massive fields of icebergs have vibrant colors ranging from iridescent white to aquamarine and animals have not yet begun to move on the snowscapes. Weddel seals and southern elephant seals have begun to bask on the ice fields, penguins begin to court and nest, and orcas begin to return for the summer feeding season. 

January- mid-February: This is the best time to travel to Antarctica. With around 20 hours of sunlight beaming down through January, glaciers calving and icebergs melting, Antarctica has plenty of ever-changing landscapes to bewitch you. Penguins  begin to hatch late December, so this is a great time to watch the young play onshore. Whale watching is also incredible at this time, particularly in Wilhelmina Bay. 

Mid-February-end-of-season: This is a great season to visit the Antarctica if you were hoping to delve further south along with receding ice. Though the days are shorter, the sunsets are amazing. Humpback whales, orcas, and minke whales are plentiful, and you may sight blue whales, sei whales, sperm whales, southern right whales, and fin whales as well.