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Take the Polar Plunge

Discover the Allure of the Arctic

What will you uncover when visiting the ends of the earth?

 Wilderness: untamed. Wildlife: uninterrupted. 

Jump ship with us and discover the Arctic as it was meant to be discovered: actively. Spot polar bears rambling across ice fields as you sea kayak through frozen channels. Wind through the glowing labyrinth of glaciers in a Zodiac. Discover thriving native cultures, colorful countrysides and a wild world under the midnight sun.

You certainly won't find yourself bored onboard one of our Arctic expeditions as you cruise, hike, camp, bike and even stand up paddle your way through the Artic. And after your days exploring, spend your evenings enjoying educational presentations, an evening nightcap at the bar, relaxing yoga classes or massage therapy. Whether you're an intrepid explorer, wildlife lover or family vacation extraordinaire, we have an Arctic adventure for you.

By land or by sea, Arctic expeditions remain the ultimate adventure for the unbound explorer. Be an icebreaker. Take the polar plunge.


Check out our wildest adventures HERE, and transform your distant destination dreams to polar plans. 

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Polar Bear Viewing

The Arctic may be a wildlife wonderland, but at the top of the world, the polar bear, the King of the Arctic reigns supreme. Our Arctic tours provide incredible opportunities to witness polar bears by sea and by land, near and far. When you come across these massive marine mammals seal hunting across the frozen tundra, you’ll see why they remain one of nature’s most majestic animals. The opportunity to see polar bears in the wild elicits a feeling of awe in even the most experienced of travelers.

Trip Idea: Baffin Island Cruise

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking has a unique cultural link to the Arctic, whose people have long relied on the vessel for transportation and hunting. And though you won’t be wielding a spear from your kayak, there’s nothing as intimate as touching the ocean’s surface, feeling the rhythmic motion of the waves underneath your kayak and paddling to its beat. Glide through icy white and blue waters where few venture but views—and wildlife—abound. In a kayak, you’ll find that nature makes the best travel companion. 

Trip Idea: Classis Northwest Passage and Greenland

Hiking Excursions

There’s nothing like forging new trails through the untouched beauty of windswept snow… and knowing they will disappear behind you. Of course, the Arctic isn’t just a world of snow and ice, and colorful coastlines and rugged mountains full of life are waiting for your hiking shoes to discover their less frozen wonders. You’re never done exploring in the Arctic, and you never know where the tundra may lead you. 

Trip Idea: Classic Northwest Passage and Baffin Island

Wildlife Photography

It’s safe to say the Arctic is picture perfect. And though the air is a bit thinner up there, that’s not the reason you’ll find yourself using the word “breathtaking.” Capture the dazzling pageant of the northern lights. The slick back of a whale cresting the cold waters. A polar bear moment that’s Coca-Cola worthy. The Arctic is one photo-hungry location No matter where your lens may focus. With panoramic views of polar landscapes, polar bears, passing caribou and more, you’ll find yourself burning through your memory cards. 

Trip Idea: Spitsbergen Encounter Photography Symposium

The Northern Lights

Were the Finnish right, and the northern lights are magical fox flames? Did they discover the secret in Norway, where they once thought maidens wove mittens across the night sky? Or perhaps the Vikings saw the truth of the matter, and the streaks of light are a bridge between mighty gods and humble humans. Even today, the myths surrounding the northern lights remain. No matter what you believe, in the dark winter, the northern lights dash across the dusky sky in a brilliant display of color. It’s illuminating, it’s ethereal and it’s transformative—and it only happens in a small sliver of the world we can help you find. 

Trip Idea: Spitsbergen and Svalbard Explorer

Zodiac Cruising

Zodiac cruising brings a whole new meaning to being at “sea level.” On our Arctic expeditions, cruise at ocean-level alongside whales, icebergs and swooping sea birds as sea spray flits across your face. You will also visit isolated and remote spots, pebbled and ice-scattered beaches accessible only by Zodiac. It may be a small ship, but it packs a big adventure as you track a pod of walrus, spot elusive polar bears traversing ice floes or find your boat rocked by a breaching whale. 

Trip Idea: High Arctic Explorer