Neko Harbor and Paradise Harbor | Polar Unbound

Neko Harbor is a small inlet near Andvord Bay. Since most of the Antarctic coast is covered in glaciers, and the few areas free of ice are locales comprised of steep rock, Neko Harbor remains one of the few areas where visitors may walk on the actual coast of the southernmost continent. The scenery of a glacier’s splitting front a few hundred feet from the shore is sure to amaze newcomers to Antarctica and set the tone for a trip full of similar natural beauties. Nevertheless, the site is also dangerous, and visitors must use caution, as calving glaciers may cause huge waves. 
However, visitors should enjoy this snapshot of Antarctica while they’re there. Here you may see a colony of over one hundred penguins which breed their and maybe a couple leopard seals lurking in the waters, waiting for an unsuspecting penguin to drift too close. Minke whales are also known to frequent the waters of the inlet. The nearby Paradise Harbor is another popular stop for tourists and cruise ships.