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Spend ten days immersed in the Canadian Arctic wilderness on this cruise from the northern outpost of Resolute. Visit one of the largest migratory bird sanctuaries in the world at Prince Leopold Island, spot belugas, narwhals and polar bears along the rugged coastlines and meet the remote Inuit community of Grise Fjord. Expeditions are led by natural and historic experts, offering an in-depth look at this little-visited part of the world.  


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Day 1


Your adventure begins with a charter flight from Edmonton to the remote outpost of Resolute which lies above the Arctic Circle on the southern shores of Cornwallis Island. It is named after the British HMS Resolute which was abandoned in ice here in 1850 while searching for the lost Franklin Expedition. 

After meeting your Expedition Team, we’ll board zodiacs to embark the ship and set sail in the early evening over a welcome cocktail. 

ACCOMMODATION : Akademik Ioffe or Akademik Sergey Vavilov
MEALS INCLUDED : Lunch, Dinner

Day 2

Devon Island

Today we will explore Maxwell Bay which lies on the southern coast of Devon Island, keeping an eye out for harp, ringed and bearded seals, as well as walruses which are often spotted in the coves and inlets. We’ll also embark on a hiking excursion to glimpse muskox and caribou, together with polar bears which can sometimes be found hunting here. 

ACCOMMODATION : Akademik Ioffe or Akademik Sergey Vavilov
MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3

Croker Bay

We’ll continue east through Lancaster Sound which separates Devon and Baffin Islands and has been nicknamed the wildlife “super highway” of the Arctic. Waters from the Atlantic and Arctic oceans meet here, creating an abundant source of nutrients for both marine life and bird species. 

Croker Bay is particularly dramatic for its deep blue icebergs, soaring peaks and immense glacier, with muskox often spotted during zodiac cruises. We will also visit the old Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) outpost at Dundas Harbour which makes for an inspiring photographic setting. 

ACCOMMODATION : Akademik Ioffe or Akademik Sergey Vavilov
MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4

Coburg Island National Wildlife Area

Today we will explore the coastal waters of the Nirjutiqavvik National Wildlife Area which is home to almost 400,000 seabirds. Large numbers of thick-billed murres and northern fulmars can often be spotted along the cliffs here, together with beluga whales and other marine species as we cruise by zodiac. 

ACCOMMODATION : Akademik Ioffe or Akademik Sergey Vavilov
MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5

Grise Fiord

Venture to the northernmost community in Canada and one of the world’s most isolated in Grise Fjord. In 1953, the Canadian Government relocated eight Inuit families here from Northern Quebec to maintain sovereignty during the Cold War and today around 100 of their descendants remain. 

We will also go hiking in nearby Craig Harbour where an old Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) outpost was established in 1922 to patrol the north. Learn about the fascinating history of this remote region as you soak up the hilltop views. 

ACCOMMODATION : Akademik Ioffe or Akademik Sergey Vavilov
MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6

Sirmilik National Park

Spot thick-billed murres, black guillemots and black-legged kittiwakes along the bird cliffs of Cape Hay within Sirmilik National Park. It’s located on the northern coast of Bylot Island and a prime nesting site for hundreds of thousands of birds, making for a magnificent sight.

ACCOMMODATION : Akademik Ioffe or Akademik Sergey Vavilov
MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7

Elwin Inlet

Your Captain will navigate through the breathtaking fjord of Elwin Inlet for a zodiac cruise along its protected waters. You may also opt to go hiking at Cape Charles Yorke, with the opportunity to spot polar bears which frequent this coastline. 

ACCOMMODATION : Akademik Ioffe or Akademik Sergey Vavilov
MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8

Prince Leopold Island

After crossing Prince Regent Inlet, we will approach the towering cliffs of Prince Leopold Island which serves as an important migratory bird sanctuary and one of the most significant in the entire Arctic ecosystem. Thick-billed murres, black guillemots, northern fulmars and black-legged kittiwakes can all be spotted here, together with beluga, narwhal and bowhead whales which come to feed in the nutrient-rich waters. This is also a great place for spotting ringed seals and their predators, polar bears. 

ACCOMMODATION : Akademik Ioffe or Akademik Sergey Vavilov
MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 9

Beechey Island

Spend your final day exploring Beechey Island which is where Sir John Franklin’s expedition spent its last winter in 1845 before disappearing into the icy wilderness. Step ashore to visit the grave markers which have been placed on a remote beach here, then return to the ship for a special farewell dinner hosted by your Captain

ACCOMMODATION : Akademik Ioffe or Akademik Sergey Vavilov
MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 10

Resolute Bay

Your expedition comes to an end as we arrive into Resolute where you will bid farewell to your crew and be transferred to the airport for your return flight to Edmonton.

Dates & Rates

DatesAdult (USD)Child (USD) 
Aug 02, 2019 to Aug 11, 2019
Akademik Ioffe
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Supplementary Information

Please ask for specific Cabin availability.
Please allow $1995 

•    Full service of our Adventure Consultants
•    Educational presentations from ornithologists, glaciologists, historians, geologists, naturalists and marine mammal experts
•    Photography advice and instruction from the resident photographer
•    All zodiac and landing excursions
•    Zodiac cruising, hiking, guided walks, photography workshops, fitness and yoga
•    All meals during the voyage
•    Coffee, tea and hot chocolate available anytime
•    Access to an English speaking medical advisor
•    Access to wellness area (finnish sauna, hot tub, sea water pool, natural essential oils)
•    Use of multi-media room
•    Expedition gear package for duration of the voyage (windproof/waterproof jacket and bibs, insulated rubber boots, water resistant binoculars, waterproof backpack, trekking poles)

Not Included:
•    Sea kayaking excursions (See note below)
•    International and National Airfare
•    Visa and passport fees, Airport taxes
•    Pre and Post cruise hotel accommodations
•    Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
•    Items of a personal nature
•    Massages
•    Personal laundry service
•    Postage and telephone calls
•    Travel medical insurance, including medical evacuation (Mandatory)
•    Trip interruption and cancellation insurance
•    Gratuities

Note: Sea kayaking excursions are offered at an extra cost of USD $695 (Arctic) and USD $795 (Antarctic) per person. Pre-registration is required at time of booking.  Confirmed access to kayak at any offered excursions.  Limited to 16 passengers per voyage.  Includes high quality kayaking equipment. 

Images & Videos

Ship Details

Both the Vavilov and Ioffe ships are amazing vessels. They are sister ships, so very similar in many ways.  Please see below for specifics for each ship.

Akademic Vavilov

The Scandinavian-built Vavilov sails like a silent dream out on the water. Highly maneuverable yet remarkably stable, the Vavilov was built for both science and adventure. It can endure voyages of any arctic condition while maintaining a cruising speed of 14.5 knots.

The Vavilov and the Ioffe together are two of the most capable adventure vessels around.

From Peter Grubb - Founder of ROW Adventures
"The Vavilov and it's sister ship, the Ioffe, are 2 of the most advanced research vessels afloat. The Vavilov is impressive and neat as a pin,..which is refered to as 'Bristol Condition' in sailing terms. The ship is operated by one of the largest and oldest shipping companies. Our team has sailed on this ship many times and are always impressed with the service and the ship."

Ship Specifications:

  • Staff & Crew: 53
  • Guests: 92
  • Length: 117.04m
  • Breadth: 18.28 m
  • Draft: 6.09m
  • Propulsion: 5,000 KW diesel twin engine
  • Ice Class: KM*L1(1)A2, Canadian Type B
  • Cruising Speed: 14.5 knots in open water


  • One dining room with unreserved seating.
  • Theatre-style presentation room.
  • Lounge and bar, open late afternoon and evening with a wide selection of wines and spirits.
  • Library with a collection of polar-themed books.
  • Ship-to-shore communications via satellite.
  • Clinic with licensed doctor.
  • Gym, sauna and swimming pool.
  • One elevator between passenger deck levels and to the Bridge level.

Akademic Ioffe

Primed for polar research, the Ioffe is an up-to-date, safe, spacious and all-around solid vessel. The common areas on board this boat are crafted with ultimate comfort in mind, whether you're attending an informative lecture or simply hanging out. With a fully stocked bar and variety of films available in the lounge, you can relax and unwind after a day of adventure just the way you want.

Other fabulous onboard facilities include an exercise room, ship store, massage room, sauna and pool. Then of course there's the great dining offered up in our superb dining room. An expert and professional staff member is always at the ready to tend to any need.

As it was originally crafted as a research vessel hailing from Finland, the Ioffe is a very graceful, peaceful and accommodating ship. You'll marvel at how quietly and smoothly she sails and appreciate the transformation she's undergone in order to shift her focus from science to adventure.

The last thing you'll want when you're trying to enjoy an Antarctic cruise is a rocky and noisy ship; such things are unheard of on the Ioffe thanks to her clever design. A ballast trimming system ensures that sea sickness is kept to a minimum, while noisy engines are situated far out of earshot.

Ship Specifications

  • Staff & Crew: 63
  • Guests: 93
  • Length: 117m
  • Breadth: 18 m
  • Draft: 6m
  • Propulsion: 5,000 KW diesel twin engine
  • Ice Class: KM*L1(1)A2, Canadian Type B
  • Cruising Speed: 14.5 knots in open water

Cabins and Amenities:

  • All cabins have exterior views.
  • Cabins have either shared, semi-private or private facilities (See deck plan).
  • One dining room with unreserved seating.
  • Theater-style presentation room.
  • Lounge and bar, open late afternoon and evening with a wide selection of wines and spirits.
  • Library with a collection of polar-themed books.
  • Ship-to-shore communications via satellite.
  • Clinic with licensed doctor.
  • Gym, sauna and swimming pool.
  • One elevator between passenger deck levels and to the Bridge level.


Ship Photos

Deck Plans

FAQ & More

Are Children allowed? What is the age limit?

Yes! Although these trips are not directed towards children, we love to have families with children on our departures. Please contact us for more information if you are considering traveling with anyone under the age of 16.

Can you help purchase my airline tickets?

Unfortunately, we are not licensed to purchase air but we are happy to recommend our flight broker.  When travelling to Antarctica the closest international airports are either Buenos Aires or Santiago with connections to either Ushuaia or Punta Arenas.  For our Arctic voyages Edmonton, Alberta or Ottawa, Ontario are the usual arrival and departure cities pre and post charter flight.  We charter our own aircraft for travel into the High Arctic in addition to your scheduled air.  

Can you make pre and post cruise travel arrangements for me?

We would be happy to arrange airport transfers and pre and post hotel arrangements for you in your arrival or departure destinations.

What is included in the trip price?

Trips include all meals/afternoon teas, use of our onboard expedition rubber boots, wet weather gear (you are welcome to bring your own as well), shore excursions, landings, educational presentations, expedition guides, naturalist staff, and hospitality staff, an ER trained English speaking physician, guided hikes/walks, complimentary tea and coffee 24 hours per day, access to our multimedia room and download stations and accommodations on board. Please see our full list of inclusions and exclusions on the trip pages. 

What facilities are available on board?

We have a dining room, library, lounge, bar area, sauna, multimedia station, open bridge, and excellent outside viewing decks. See our ship details page for more information.

What is the electrical current on board?

The electrical supply on board is 220 volts 50 Hertz. You will need a European two (round) pin plug adapter, available at duty free or electrical supply shops.

How difficult is it to get in and out of the landing Zodiacs?

We are happy to offer assistance getting in and out of the Zodiacs and staff will always be on hand. Where there are wet landings you will be required to disembark the zodiac into ankle deep water - making rubber boots a must.

Is there email/internet access on board?

Yes, there is email access available through our satellite communication equipment for an extra charge.

What phone number should I give as an emergency contact number while I am on board?

A phone / fax number as well as email address for the ship will be provided to you in your final document package.

Do I need to bring my own rubber boots?

High quality insulated rubber boots are available in a large range of sizes. Please just note your size preference when providing final documentation.

Is there a Doctor on board?

Yes, there is an English speaking Doctor on board for every trip.

What Nationalities are typically on these trips?

We have guests from all over the world on these trips. The expedition staff and all safety briefings are conducted in English.

When is the best time to go to the Antarctic and the High Arctic?

The Antarctic season runs from November through to March and each month offers its own special features. Operating through the whole season allows us the full spectrum for several key reasons, including untouched winter snow, great whale and seal action, good weather, and even a little star gazing. The Arctic season runs from July through to September. We choose our operating dates carefully based on historical patterns in the ice, which allows for optimal viewing for all wildlife (walrus, polar bear, seals, whales) not to mention the access to special landing sites.

Can I travel as a single?

We have many guests who come alone and while some choose to purchase the single cabin option, others choose to share; we will pair single travelers of the same gender together at no extra charge.

How many people are on the ship?

We try to limit the number of people we carry to a maximum of 96 passengers. We believe that small groups of people are the best way to experience the Polar Regions.

How much room is there for luggage?

There is storage space for empty luggage in the cabins under your bunk. Alternatively we can stow your baggage safely elsewhere on the ship. There is ample space for your clothing in cupboards and drawers in your cabin.

Does the crew speak English?

The ship's crew is Russian and they handle the day to day running of the vessel (engine room, bridge, outer decks, dining room service). The officers and the Captain on the bridge speak English. Some of the crew speak only a little English, but are always willing to use it.  All of our expedition staff, who guide the activities and tours speak English as well as various other languages on specialty departures.

What should I pack to wear on the ship?

Living aboard calls for comfortable and casual attire.

Do I need gloves?

Yes – please pack two or three pairs of gloves. It is important to have spare dry gloves in case one set gets wet.

How can I dry any wet clothing?

Your wet gear will dry very quickly in your cabin. There is also a laundry service for an additional fee.

How frequently can I get off the ship?

We get off the ship as much as possible, usually two to three times a day when we are around the Antarctic Peninsula coastline. We spend between two and six hours at each location depending on the prevailing conditions.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is mandatory. You must be covered in case of a medical evacuation.

What currency is required and how much should I bring?

We recommend that you take US dollars for use on board the ship. It is better to carry US dollars cash for any desired tipping. For Arctic departures we recommend carrying some Canadian currency just in case you are tempted to purchase local crafts from skilled artisans. Danish Kroner is used throughout Greenland.  ATM machines are available in Illulissaat, Greenland.

Do I need a parka?

Expensive specialty gear is not required, but you should have warm, waterproof clothing available upon your arrival at your Antarctica or Arctic embarkation point. We also offer waterproof jackets, bib pants and rubber/Wellington/gum boots for hire while on board.

How do I keep my cameras dry?

A waterproof camera bag is a must. We have them available for purchase/rent as well.

Should I take one camera or two?

It is not a bad idea to take two cameras - particularly between couples. Bring plenty of film/disk space and extra batteries.


Tipping is a very personal matter, we recommend US $10 per passenger per day that you are on the ship. It is better for the crew if we can give them US dollars cash.

Do you have facilities on board to download digital images from my camera?

Yes. We have a multimedia download station. Please remember to bring your download cord for your camera (that can be plugged into a USB port). We also have DVDs onto which you can burn your images.

Should I be concerned about Seasickness?

If you feel that you are particularly susceptible to seasickness, then it is a good idea to talk to your own doctor. Come armed with motion sickness tablets. There will be a doctor on board and the ship is equipped with a small treatment facility.

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